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When it comes to offering the very best in comfort, warmth, and a safe sleep for your baby, there are few materials that work as well as the truly organic option. But you have to make sure that you’re getting a high-quality product from those who know their craft. At Organic Sheepskins, we work hard to ensure we’re the true sheepskin rug specialist and our range of specially crafted baby rugs reflect that dedication to quality and service.
Right for your baby
A lot of us are already picky enough when it comes to choosing which fabrics we wear and use. It’s no surprise that we’re doubly careful when it comes to our little ones. Not all organic fabrics are used to the sensitive skin of a baby, especially newborns. Sheepskin stands apart, however. Beyond being sturdy enough to last for years with even the most rambunctious of little troublemakers, there are no bleaches, no dyes, and no toxic chemicals in our sheepskin rugs. They’re not used in either the material or the process of tanning and preparing rugs. What’s more, organic sheepskin baby rugs are completely non-allergenic.
The choice for you
There’s a lot more variety in sheepskin baby rugs than you might think. They don’t have to be pure white. We work with a huge of range of wholly-British breeds of sheep, including Rare and minority breeds that can help you choose a look wholly unique to your own rug. What’s more, all our rugs are completely machine washable, and their non-allergenic quality means they’re perfect for mothers and fathers that are more chemically sensitive.
The highest standard of organic baby rugs 
Just as you care about your baby, we care about providing a product that has an unmatched level of quality and trust. With over forty years’ experience, we have worked on perfecting a process that’s not only effective but certified. Our process carries BDA Organic certificate 323, Defra UK6 and SA standards. Few other “organic” product providers have that level of certification or use the Organic Certification ewes that we do. Products that aren’t certified organic could contain any kind of synthetic material, whether it’s in the food chain, the material, or the process used to create the end product. We guarantee a completely organic result.
A service to match the product
We have been working with our customers to provide precisely the right rug for over twenty years since Organic Sheepskin first formed. The information on the website can help you through the process of ordering, whether by phone or email. You can take a look at our gallery for some ideas of what we offer, but we send a personalised catalogue of pictures of our current rugs to every customer to help them make the exact choice they want. Once you’ve chosen, that rug is shown to no-one else.
Take a look at our gallery, where we show a variety of different sheepskin baby rugs for you to choose from. Pick out your favourites and get in touch at 01989 730615 or email us and help us provide your baby with the perfect place to lay their head.

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