Baby sheepskin rugs

You want the softest, safest material when it comes to your baby. That’s no surprise. But it might surprise you to learn that our baby sheepskin rugs are not just wholly organic, certified, and gorgeous looking. They’re also perfect for a baby’s soft skin and completely lacking in the synthetic components that can make the home an unhealthy environment.
Why choose baby sheepskin rugs
Our little ones are particularly sensitive creatures. They have skin that can react poorly not just to synthetic materials, but the dyes, bleaches, and chemicals that are in a lot of supposedly-organic materials. However, our baby sheepskin rugs ensure that’s not a concern for you or your child. In neither the material nor the process of tanning and finishing a rug do we include dyes, bleaches, or toxic chemicals of any kind. The material is perfectly soft and suitable for a child’s skin, as well as their delicate immune system. On top of that, our wholly organic baby sheepskin rugs are allergen free, so you don’t have to worry about your child becoming more chemically sensitive while lying on them.
Undeniable comfort
All our baby sheepskin rugs come from a range of British, certified organic sheep. That means that not only are our processes of creating rugs organic, but the food cycle of the animals we get our material from is also organic. Beyond ensuring that the material is as safe as can be, it lends our rugs a whole new level of softness. Perfectly comfortable and silky, with just the right density for a rug. However, they’re not delicate. A baby sheepskin rug will last you for years and is perfectly suitable for machine washing.
Our process
Unfortunately, when you buy an “organic” product, you can’t be sure whether it really fits your definition of organic. Organic Sheepskin ensures that we provide exactly what we promise, creating rugs with a process that is fully certified with BDA Organic certificate 323, Defra UK6 and compliance SA standards. What’s more, all the ewes we collect our materials from carry the Organic Certification, as do our products. That means you can be sure that there are no synthetics in the animal’s food chain, nor chemicals in how we make our rugs. Our baby sheepskin rugs are as safe, comfortable, and organic as can be. Perfect for your child.
Let us help you
With over forty years’ experience, we know that the service is just as important as the product. That’s why we provide full-upfront information on the process of ordering your rug on the site. If you prefer, however, you can call or email us and we’re happy to take you through it, step-by-step. We have a constantly updating catalogue of unique rugs (offering a lot more than just plain white), so get in touch with us and we can send you what we currently have on offer.
Have a look at the examples in our online gallery, explore our website to find out whatever you need, and get in touch with us. You can call at 01989 730615 or email us at We’re ready and waiting to help you find the perfect baby sheepskin rugs.

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