Organic baby rugs

When you think of organic products for your child, what is it you want from them? If you’re like most, you want products that are safe, lacking any synthetic materials that can cause any discomfort or damage to their sensitive skin, while lacking any of the harmful chemicals that can make the modern household more dangerous than many think. If that’s the case, when it comes to choosing a place for your baby to lay your head our organic baby rugs might be the perfect choice for you.
The issue with “organic”
Like a lot of conscientious parents, you are careful in choosing organic products for your young children, especially newborns. However, a lot of products call themselves organic without any kind of certification to back them up. They might use natural materials, but the animals those materials come from could be fed with chemically modified produce or the process used to create them could involve dyes, bleaches and chemicals. Organic Sheepskin creates our rugs through a process that is fully certified with BDA Organic certificate 323, Defra UK6 and compliance SA standards, using only ewes that have Organic Certification. So, when we say organic, we mean it. No synthetic materials end up in our ewes and no chemicals in our organic baby rugs or our process.
Sheepskin: perfectly safe
Our organic baby rugs are wholly natural, with no dyes, bleaches, or toxic chemicals of any kind in the rugs of the process of making them. What’s more, sheepskin is tough, lasting for years even with machine washing, while being non-allergenic, so you don’t have to worry about them developing any chemical sensitivity while lying them.
Sheepskin: perfectly soft
There are few better materials for organic baby rugs that sheepskin. All the sheep we collect our material from are British and include a wide range of breeds, including Rare, minority, and unusual breeds. With our carefully crafted method of creating rugs, we offer products that are as soft, as silky, and just the right density to make for the most comfortable sleep while still being strong and long-lasting. Breathable and warm, they give a safe, comfortable, non-abrasive place to sleep wherever you choose to lay them.
Over forty years’ providing organic baby rugs
Finding out more about our process, our service, and how we can help you pick the perfect organic baby rug is easy. Our website offers plenty of information, providing not just proof that we offer the authentic organic product, but also helping you find out how to order and pay whether you phone or email us. However, if you want us to help you through the process step-by-step, don’t be afraid to get in touch. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have and help you give your baby the rug they deserve.
Get in touch with us by phone or by email on 01989 730615 or When you’re happy that we can help provide you with safer, more comfortable, wholly organic baby rugs, we can send a personalised catalogue of the options we currently have.

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