Goat Skin Rugs

We are proud to be the only registered organic sheepskin tannery in England. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the finest sheepskin rugs, goat skin rugs, and organic baby rugs. 
Buying goat skin rugs from Organic Sheepskins
When you’re shopping for organic products, you can only be sure of the purity of materials when you buy food. In all other circumstances, the term organic has no legal definition, and this means that shopping for rugs carries a risk of going home with something that is created using potentially harmful chemicals. At Organic Sheepskins, we can promise you that all our goat skin rugs are 100% organic. Our hide rugs are beautifully soft and luxurious, and they provide a stunning focal point for any room.
All the goat and sheepskins we sell are tanned using a methodical process, which is Defra UK6 and BDA Organic 323 certified. When you buy from us, you can guarantee that your rug has been lovingly prepared using natural processes, which eliminate the risk of allergies and health issues and ensure superior quality and durability. All the sheep and goat skin rugs we produce come from animals that have entered the food chain in the UK, and we are proud to say that every rug is individually selected by our experienced buyers. 
More information about our goat skin rugs
We offer a diverse range of rugs, from organic sheepskin baby rugs to unique goat skin rugs that will bring any room to life. Our goat skin rugs are incredibly soft, but they also stand the test of time, and we hope that you’ll enjoy your goat skin rugs for many years to come. Our rugs are primed and prepped using natural products, and you can rest assured that any rug you buy will be free from toxic chemicals. We sell non-allergenic products, and we don’t use dyes. We sell rugs of all sizes, shapes, and shades and we can make recommendations on your preferences. Simply drop us an email, and we will send you some options from our extensive catalogue. 
How can I order a goat skin rug?
If you’re keen to find out more about our stunning selection of goat skin rugs, contact us via the website, send us an email at nicki.port@btconnect.com or call us on 01989 730 615. We will send you a collection of images from our catalogue, and we can also provide measurements, more specific details about materials and colours, and prices. If you do want to place an order, simply tell us which style you like, and we will send your rug in the post. We offer free postage for multiple purchases and a fee of between £5 and £10 for single items posted to UK addresses. We do ship abroad, so please contact us for shipping costs. We are confident that you will love your new goat skin rugs, but just in case you want an exchange or refund, all our products come with a 14-day money back guarantee.

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