Handmade Sheep Skin Rugs

As the only registered and organic sheepskin tannery in England, Organic Sheepskin is a brand that you can really rely on. You will see the difference in quality if you compare the handmade sheepskin rugs we provide to any of the other options you might be considering. By making all of our rugs by hand, we show our commitment to creating rugs that are made with care and compassion. The same is true of our commitment to using organic resources. It’s something that we’re very passionate about, and it means that our customers only get the very best.
There are plenty of options for you to browse in our online store. You can see the quality that we offer and supply for yourselves; don’t just take us at our word. You certainly won’t be disappointed by the product you receive when you buy from us. We use an organically certified process when tanning our rugs, and this produces the final rugs and makes them look as great as they do. They’re soft to the touch and capable of making your home look more vibrant and welcoming than it ever has before. That in itself is a good reason to buy from us.
We use skins that are bred in Britain 100% of the time. By sourcing what we need locally and from within the country, we can cut down on the needs to ship things over long distances. This is good for you because you will be buying genuine British goods, and it’s good from an environmental perspective as well. And all of the ewe flock used are reared to organic standards. The production process can take time because it’s important to us that we use our hands and make these organic rugs with care. That’s something that our customers love about our products, though.
The natural and handmade approach we take to production has direct benefit for you the customers. As just a few examples, our rugs are non-allergic, include no bleaches or dyes, and contain no toxic or dangerous chemicals. Regarding that latter point, it applies to both the end product and the raw materials we use.. We’re very proud of those facts, and we believe customers deserve the best when they want a new rug for their home. Most places that sell rugs can’t make the kinds of promises in terms of the quality and safety of their rugs that we can.
If you need a new rug and you don’t know where to turn, visit our store. Here at Organic Sheepskin, we only provide the best products possible, and we can commit to giving you what you expect and deserve from a rug. So, if you want a rug that’s going to be clean, free of toxins and looks great, look no further. You can easily purchase from our online store, and you can get in contact with us if you have any further questions about the products we produce and sell. Our contact details are on our website.

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