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At Organic Sheepskins, we use our extensive experience and knowledge to select the finest sheepskin baby rugs. If you’re looking for a comforter for your baby or a cosy rug for your newborn’s nursery, our beautifully soft sheepskin baby rugs are a perfect choice.
About our sheepskin baby rugs
When you buy organic food, there is legislation in place to ensure that the products you buy actually come from organic sources. With anything else that is described as organic, the same stringent measures are not employed, and this means that you cannot always guarantee the purity of a product. When you’re buying sheepskin rugs, particularly for children, it’s so important to prioritise safety. As a parent, you want nothing more than your newborn to be completely safe when they make use of any product, whether it’s toy or a comforting aid. Our sheepskin baby rugs are made using the finest quality raw materials, and we use an incredibly rigorous selection process to ensure the quality and purity of the sheepskin. You won’t find any chemical residues on any of our baby products.
Why you should consider an Organic Sheepskins baby rug
If you have a newborn baby and you’re looking for a play mat with a difference, a rug that will soothe and comfort them when they’re tired or a sleeping aid, we strongly recommend our organic sheepskin baby rugs. These are not like any other baby rugs you can buy. They are truly unique, and they provide a wonderfully soft surface for your baby to rest and relax. 
We take the processes of creating and selecting our baby rugs very seriously. We understand how precious newborns are and how delicate the skin is, and this is why we use materials available for just a few weeks of the year to create these stunning products. Our experienced buyers know exactly what to look out for, and they use their in-depth knowledge to ensure our customers have access to the best quality sheepskin baby rugs. All the products we sell come from British flocks and they contain no dyes, bleaches or toxic chemicals. Our baby rugs are machine washable, and they are also non-allergenic. 
We recommend our sheepskin baby rugs for use at home or when you’re on the move. Many babies struggle to settle when they’re in an unfamiliar setting, and taking your baby’s rug with you can help them to feel more comfortable. The feel and smell of the rug will bring an immediate sense of familiarity and your baby will feel safe and secure. We also recommend our sheepskin baby rugs for elderly people and those who are bedridden, as the material is incredibly soft. 
Placing an order
If you’re interested in our sheepskin baby rugs or you’d like to order an adult bed rug, we have various shapes and sizes available. If you call or email us via the website or on, we can send you some images based on the kind of rug you’d like and your size preference.

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